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14 Years of Experiance - Placing our costumer in the first 10 in any search - Web Based Development and Marketing Experty
We integrate FB to make it work for you.
We guarantee to place all
of our website in
the 10 Top positions on Google, yahoo, Bing, Aol, AltaVista a
nd other 44 search in
the world.
We develop a costum Web Based Software (website), these way we achieve the highest performance in Internet Marketing. For simply understanding, we develop an  "Internet Marketing Machine that is Bullet Prove", your website will pay back the investment; with us you don't add more expense, in cost for actualization to a webmaster. We teach you to take control on your information.
     PRMWD Like no one else do, and like no one else can
Marketing is the key, we manage to do Google SEO, placing you on the first 10 list in any search is our job. We full analysis your needs to make a logistic programming guided to accuracy success that will demolishes your competition in the Internet Marketing. With our paying pay per click's.
We have years of experience and the formal education knowleg. This experience in the Internet marketing let us have the full panorama on how the search algorithms that robotics movement reads information on your website.
How we make it happen.
1. First call us (787) 557-3109 for full quote by phone make us understand your need and business. Will give you a free marketing consultation and developing prices that are pre-established in our website.
We WILL develop your website WITH NO down payment or credit card requiered, we call it a DEMO.
2. We make a full presentation of the Web-Based Software "website" showing you company marketing strategies and it work.
This will SHOW HOW IT WORK before you buy.
We Belive that COSTUMERS need to experiance and see what there buying before paying for a product.
We training micro, mid-sizes and coorporations  to take CONTROL on your information. Learn  how you company become the administrator of your information and "webmaster" of your website.
 Serious Website Developers
We develop a web-based software "the website" of your dreams with a minimum your budget and easy payments plans.
PRMWD is passioned about our job and new challenges clients bring.
Web Based "website" Develop
Features we inclued in all software.
1. Blog with sql. Personal and consume made blogs.
2. Podcast
3. Photoblog
4. Calendar
5. Guestbook
6. Newsletter - Sent Masive emails 
7. Survey
8. Proudcts or Service Catalog
9. MP3/FLV Player Preview
10. RSS Parser Internal and External RSS
11. Inline Frame
12. Sitemap
13. Ramdomizer
13. Roll-over image
14. Costum Forms 
15. Page Protections
16. Own Internal Search
17. Float Login and Resgistrations
18. Adminstration Control Panel
19. Mobil Ready with active Call
20. JavaScrip Slideshowwith multibox
21. Zoom and Pan
22. Image with Inline Zoom
23. SideZoom+Tumbanails/Popups
24. Roll Over on mouse over 
25. Visitor Counter Statistics
26. Flash - Poll Banners
27. Google Transalation+Google AdSence Id Ready+GoogleMaps+
      GooglePlusOneBotton+Yahoo Babelfish
28. Current day
29. Enable to Blog IP's Control Panel
30. Enable to Create User on Adminstration Levels
31. Advance WYSIWYG Editor with photo editing, you tube ready, flash objets, and more tools...
32. Taps Accordion Vertical List Slide Bar
33. Bookmark Name Ready
34. Costume made E-Commerce Store with simple gateways.
35. Over 15 SOCIAL MEDIA ready
36. Facebook - LOG IN Available
37. Email Log - Administrations Features
38. Manages Groups -Administrations Features
"We cant make it happen"
PRMWD eCommerce Software©
PRMWD eCommerce Software© is the best preformance eCommerce System in the market today.
Sell on Facebook
Reach the over 850,000,000 users on Facebook with the click of a button. Our shopping cart software makes it easier than ever to sell products directlu from your Facebook fan page. . Orders are managed in the admin area of your cart in symphony with orders from your website and mobile store.
Leverage Social Media
There's no denying it! Social media drives traffic to your store through meaningful customer interactions. Our tools allow your customers to introduce your products to their friends and followers using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. It's in every package we offer, FREE!
Powerful Integrations
You dream of growing your business to be in the Fortune 500, so why not use the tools they do? PRMWD eCommerce Software solutions that include direct integrations to the most powerfull applications, like QuickBooks. Save yourself time and work smarter, not harder. Finally, an eCommerce software solution you can call a friend.
Safe and Scalable
In today's ever changing economy, keeping your customers financial information secure should always be a top priority. PRMWD eCommerce Software is one of the only e-commerce platforms that includes PA-DSS certification, the highest level of security you can get.
In today's ever changing economy, keeping your customers financial information secure should always be a top priority. Pinnacle Cart is one of the only e-commerce platforms that includes PA-DSS certification, the highest level of security you can get.
Mobile Ready
Your customers are using their mobile phones like never before. In a retail world, it only makes sense to give them every option you can for ways to purchase. With PRMWD eCommerce Software your store becomes mobile ready and easy to use with just the click of a button. Very few eCommerce hosting plans provide you this option.
QR codes for eCommerce
PRMWD eCommmerce Software includes QR Codes as a standard tool in our admin area. With this integration, you'll be able to place small barcodes on printed materials, order receipts and advertising, allowing your customers with smartphones to purchase on the spot.
Payment Merchand & Gateways
We integrate any Merchand Accounth and costum Gateways.
Shipping Partners
Compatible Apps
Syndication Partners
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