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Reliable, scalable, supported website hosting

PRMWD Cloud Sites is a simple, versatile platform for hosting your websites and blogs.

Supports WordPress and more

Whether you work in .php or .net , PRMWD Cloud Sites is always ready with support for sites that run on Joompla, Drupal and MySQL. We even offer a one-click WordPress installer. 

Maximize uptime

Your sites have to stay up and running, but you don't want the hassle of dealing with infrastructure and servers. We get it. That's why we guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Scale to handle traffic

Worried about traffic spikes? Don't be. PRMWD Cloud Sites Data Center handles a grand total of 500 billion web request per year. We'll add server resources to handle sudden surges in traffic to your sites. Plus, with Cloud Sites, you can host unlimited domains while paying for just one account.

What we manage

  • Complete platform — anything below your application(hardware, network, OS, storage, database, web server, DNS, firewall, cluster, redundancy, load balancer)
  • Outages and downtime
  • Security patches and upgrades
  • Scripting language (PHP, .NET, etc.)
  • Backups of entire Cloud Sites FTP structure

Supported software stacks:

  • Linux – Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Windows – IIS, MSSQL, .NET