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Jan 26


An MX record is a type of DNS record that defines where mail servers need to deliver any email that is sent to anyone on your domain. In order for your domain to be able to receive email messages at Rackspace you will need to update the MX record values through your DNS Host to point to us.

Please contact your DNS Hosting provider and have them implement the following information below into their DNS Zone File.

Note: If you have access to the DNS records for your domain you can make these changes yourself. 

Name/Host/AliasTime To Live (TTL)Record TypeValue/Answer/DestinationPreference
Blank or @1 hourMXmx1.emailsrvr.com10
Blank or @1 hourMXmx2.emailsrvr.com20

Note: It typically takes between 24 and 48 hours for MX records to fully update. If you run a business we recommend updating your MX records during the slow period of your operating hours like a Friday night; this allows servers to fully propagate. No mail will be lost during this time.

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Jan 26


The following article below will get your email account setup with Mobile Sync on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Mobile Sync will not only sync your email, but also your contacts and calendar events in real time. Let's take a look at the following steps below to get you going:

Note: Your iPhone must be a 3G or newer running iOS 4.0 or newer.

Note: Be sure your administrator has assigned you a Mobile Sync License before proceeding.

  1. On the main Home screen, tap the Settings icon on your iPhone.

  2. After tapping your Settings icon, you'll Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Add Account then Microsoft Exchange.

  3. The Exchange setup screen will open; you'll then enter the following information:
    • Email - Enter your entire email address (e.g.,, using all lowercase letters.
    • Domain - Leave this field blank
    • Username - Enter in your entire email address again.
    • Password - Enter in the password for your email account.
    • Description - Enter a descriptive name for your account (e.g., My Work Account). This description will be visible only to you.

    Note: the device will attempt to verify the account. You may receive an "Unable to Verify Certificate message," go ahead and Tap the Accept button.

  4. Next, tap the Server field, and enter in the Server address field. If confirmed, you'll check marks next to every field.

  5. Tap the ON/OFF buttons to select which information you would like to synchronize and then tap the Save button when finished.

    Note: Your iPhone may take a moment to sync all your information depending on how much data you have.

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Jan 26


Setting Up Mobile Sync For Webmail (Android)

The following article below will get your Rackspace Email account setup with Mobile Sync 

on your Android device. Mobile Sync will allow you to setup your email, 

contacts and calendar events in real time. 

Let's take a look at the following steps below to get you going: 

Note: Be sure your admin has assigned you a 

Webmail Sync License before proceeding. 

1. First thing you'll want to do is select the Settings icon from your device. 

On the Settings screen, select Accounts & sync.


2. On the next screen select Add Account and then select 

Exchange Activesync on the following screen.


3. Next, enter in your email address and password and then select Next

On the next screen, for teh server address enter in and for the username enter 

in your full email address again and select Next.


Note: Depending on what OS of Android you're running, if you have just the

 "Domain" as an option, you may leave this field blank. 

if you have the Domainusername field, enter in your entire 

email address with a  (backslash) at the beginning.

4. Your device will then start "Checking Incoming Server Settings" and 

on the next screen select OK to "Allow it to 

remotely control some security features of your phone."


5. On the following "Accounts Options

screen select all that apply to you. 

On the next screen, you'll give your 

account a descriptive name of your choice and select Done.


Note: The following "Activate Device Administrator" feature is optional.


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Jan 26


If you are using PRMWD Email and are setting up your email software (e.g., Outlook, Mac Mail, Entourage), you must indicate how you want to receive email using an IMAP or POP connection IMAP is quickly becoming the preferred method, since it gives you complete access to all email and all email folders, from multiple computers or mobile devices. Let's take a look below to learn more about the differences between IMAP & POP:
Note: We at PRMWD  Strongly recommend using an IMAP connection with PRMWD  Email
Note: Microsoft Exchange users access their mailbox data via the Exchange server, rather than using a POP or IMAP connection.
When checking your email with an IMAP connection, you are accessing and managing your email directly from the email server. Some the features included are below:
  • Access - Since the emails are stored on the email server, you can access and manage your email and email folders from multiple computers or mobile devices.
  • Storage - If you have limited online storage space, you may need to delete some emails periodically to avoid exceeding your storage capacity.
  • Backup - Email is automatically backed up every evening; so, if you accidentally delete an email, your email administrator can retrieve it, even up to 14 days later.
  • Internet Connection - If you do not have an Internet connection, you cannot access your email.
Note: By default, email clients store your sent, draft, and trash email on your computer, rather than storing it on the email server (as it should with an IMAP connection). You may need to map your email folders within your email client.
When you check your email with a POP connection, new email messages are downloaded to your computer and are then deleted from the email server. Some the features included are below:
  • Access - Since your email is stored on your computer, you must be at your computer to access your email.
  • Storage - You don’t need to worry about running out of online storage space. Since you’re downloading your emails to your computer, you can keep as many emails as your computer can store.
  • Backup - You should implement an effective backup system for your computer, in case you need to retrieve lost or deleted emails.
  • Internet Connection - You will need an Internet connection to download email, but you can view your downloaded email offline (i.e., without an Internet connection).
 We at PRMWD like to give our customers the ability to choose from a variety settings. Below is a list of optional server settings for you to choose from when setting up your email client. To use a secure connection, be sure to use the settings marked with "SSL."


Incoming Server TypeServer NamePort Number
SMTPSMTP.EMAILSRVR.COM25, 587, 8025, 2525

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Jan 26


The following article will help set up your signature which can include your title, phone number, or any other content you want to display. Let's take a look at the instructions below:  

1. First thing you'll want to do is login to your webmail account by going to and in the upper right hand side select the Settings link. 


2. Select Composing Email, located in the left pane and then select the Signatures tab located on the right and then select the Add New Signature button.


3. In the Signature Name box, enter a descriptive name and In the Edit Signature area, enter the text for your signature as desired. You can use Plain Text or HTML. If you use HTML, you can format your text (e.g., bold, italics, colored text) and insert images.


Note: If you switch to Plain Text, you will lose any HTML formatting you have applied. 

4. Select the OK button and select any of the additional options below.


  • To automatically insert the signature when composing a new email, select the "Always show signature when composing an email" check box.
  • To automatically insert the signature when you are replying to an email, select the "When replying to an email, insert my signature" check box. Also, specify whether the signature should appear above or below the body of the message.
  • To automatically insert the signature when you are forwarding an email, select the "When forwarding an email, insert my signature" check box. Also, specify whether the signature should appear above or below the body of the message.


5. After you've selected your signature options, select Identities, double-click on your email address and enter the following information in the spaces provided. When you're finished, select OK.


  • Full Name - This will appear in the "From" field of messages you send.
  • Email Address - Enter the email address that should be displayed as the "From" email address.
  • Reply To - Enter in the email address that you want recipients to use when they reply to your email message. If you leave this field blank, the address you entered in the Email Address box will be used automatically.
  • Default Signature - Select a signature that should be used with this identity.

6. To change your default identity selection, click once on the identity as it appears in the Current Identities box, select the Set as Default button, and then select the Save button when finished.

Note: When composing an email, you can change identities by clicking the From drop-down menu in webmail, which will appear at the top of the Compose Email window.

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Jan 26

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Jan 26


Login for the frist time

  • Remember this info - The ability ffor PRMWD to interact with your browser to remember your login information
  • Use SSL - SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which means upon logging in, your data is encrypted
  • Hide browser toolbars

PRMWD email allows users the ability to manage their contacts through our Webmail interface. Users have the ability add new contacts, import/export old contacts using a .csv file, export to various email clients, create groups and sort through contacts alphabetically.  PRMWD also allows you to sync your contacts with your mobile device as well with PRMWD Mobile Sync. 

PRMWD email allows users the ability to manage their appointments and meetings through our Wembail interface. Users have the ability to share their calendar, creat personal calendars, import events and add shared calendars within your domain. PRMWD also allows you to sync your calender events with your mobile device as well with PRMWD Mobile Sync. 

PRMWD email allows users the ability to manage their tasks through our Webmail interface. Users have the ability to create new tasks, manage their tasks and create task list.

PRMWD email allows users the ability to create notes for new ideas, meeting summarys or just some quick thoughts.  Rackspace also allows you to sync your Notes with your mobile device as well with PRMWD Mobile Sync. 

PRMWD Email provides various options for users to manage their email account. While in the Webmail interface, select Settings in the top right hand corner to see a list of features and options available for users:

General Settings: Email options

  • Display Preferences - several options for users to display HTML emails, enable shortcuts, changing your viewing pane and change the number of messages displayed in your reading pane.
  • New Messages - the option to play an alert for new the arrival of new messages and the option to choose how often to check for new messages.
  • Trash Options - the option to move deleted email to the trash or immediately purge upon deletion

General Settings: Calendar

  • Invitations - the option to delete invitations after responding

General Settings: Language & Date/Time

  • Language - The option to choose between 11 different languages.
  • Date and Time - set your date, time and current time zone.

Composing Email: Composing

  • Composing - various options to choose from such as auto-completing email addresses when composing a new email, default fonts for HTML formats, default size for HTML formats etc.
  • Replying & Forwarding Citations - the ability to select whether you'd like the original composed message to be included in your reply and to set a user defined start text and end text of your choice.

Composing Email: Identities

  • Add New Identity - The ability to create a new identities which allow you to quickly change the name, email address, and reply address on your outgoing email.
  • Add New Signature - the ability to add a new signature and assign it to your outgoing email and also to specific identities. To learn more, please see the following article: Adding A PRWWD Email Signature

Incoming Email: Auto-reply

  • Auto-Reply - activate your auto-reply feature for times when your out of the office.
  • Forwarding - Forward any mail to any email address with the option to save a copy in your inbox.
  • Filtering - The ability to create filters for specific incoming email and to route them to a specified folder.

Spam Settings: Preferences

  • Spam Filtering - the ability to turn your spam filtering on and off, or have it be exclusive.
  • Spam Handling - Specify how you would like your spam email to be handled.

Spam Settings: Safelists

  • Safelists - Specify what email should be by passed through filters through either the sent users IP Address, Email Address or Domain.
  • Blacklists - Specify what email should be blocked through either the sent users IP Address, Email Address or Domain.

External Accounts

  • Add An External Account - the option to add an external email account like Gmail Or Yahoo and download your email into your PRMWD Account.

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