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Complete control and ownership.

PRMWD Social-Engine  gives you a simple, unbranded network that you can customize in any way. You’ll have the freedom to maintain fine-grained control over all aspects of your site and content.

Keep your content

Your community's content is yours to own. Unlike most hosted services, PRMWD Social-Engine never prevents you from moving your community or serving your own advertisements.

PRMWD -hosted - Own Server Cloud

PRMWD Social-Engine is hosted on your own server where you have complete control over your community. Need technical help? PRMWD will help

Flexibility to build what you want.

PRMWD Social-Engine makes diverse styles of social networking possible. You decide how your community members will connect, share, and interact with each other on your site. 

Multiple social frameworks to choose from

Choose from two-way friendships (e.g. Facebook), one-way followers (e.g. Twitter), verified/unverified friendships, and more. Add sub-networks to group your members by university, workplace, location, age, gender, or anything else.

Drag-and-drop Content Management

Use PRMWD Social-Engine built-in, visual drag-and-drop CMS to arrange content, customize widgets, create whole new pages, and place advertisements. Import new widgets or develop your own with our guides.

Membership levels and moderators

Create multiple levels of membership in your community to give some members access to special content or extra privileges. You can also assign moderators to help you maintain your community and remove unwanted content for you.

Pick out features when you need them.

PRMWD Social-Engine plugin design allows you to start as small or large as you need to. Go full-featured now, or add on features as your community grows.

PRMWD development services for custom projects

We've partnered with several web development firms that can take on PRMWD Social-Engine-based custom projects of all sizes. Give us your project details and we'll connect you with the right people.

Buy third-party plugins and themes

Explore the plugins and themes being sold by hundreds of third-party developers. The PRMWD Social-Engineis very active and can help you enhance your community in many ways.

Our support team has you covered.

PRMWD Social-Engine team works 100% in-house from Puerto Rico with tech support form Los Angeles, California. We’re quick, friendly, and focused on keeping your site running smoothly.

Up-to-date Knowledgebase

Find answers for many questions in our comprehensive support knowledgebase. Articles are continuously being updated so you'll always have the newest resources available.

Active development

Patches, feature updates and new plugins are constantly being worked on so you can provide your members with an up-to-date and enjoyable community.

Start building your community right away.

Whether you install it yourself on your own server, or have us do it for you, you’ll be up and running quickly so you can focus on crafting your new community.

Professional installation service on server with SSL certificated instales https://

If you want someone else to handle installation, no problem! Our support team can install PRMWD Social-Engine on your server for a small fee when you're ready.

Ready-to-go themes and custom layouts

Give your new community some style with one of the bundled starter themes, or make it your own by editing the theme and arranging your content as you please! 

Member Profiles

The member profile page gives each member a home for their content, activity, and personal info.

  • Multi-part profiles

    Profiles contain multiple content sections which show profile information along with a member's photos, blog entries, comments, groups, friends, statistics, and other items you decide to enable.

    Various actions are available to members when viewing someone else's profile such as "Send Message", "Add Friend", "Block User", and more.

  • Profile types

    While most communities have just one profile type (i.e. "member"), you may want to have more than one.

    For example, if you are building a community for musicians and their fans, you can create a separate profile type for each. Musicians will get one set of profile questions (e.g. "Band Name", "Genre", "Instruments") and fans will get a different set of profile questions (e.g. "Name", "Favorite Musicians", "Favorite Genres"). There is no limit to the number of profile types you can create.

  • Member levels & moderators

    As the admin, you can create multiple membership levels on your social network. Member levels are useful for giving some members more privileges or more access than others.

    Grant or restrict access to features and specific sections of the community, or even give a membership level moderation or administrative capabilities to help you maintain your social network.

  • Customizable Profile Questions
    You control what questions people have to answer when they sign up and create their profile. PRMWD Social Engine comes with many common questions like "City", "Age", and "Relationship Status" for you to insert easily, with the option to create your own custom questions too.
  • Conditional Questions
    If you create a question with multiple options, you can give it one or more "conditional" profile questions. For example, if your pull-down box is named "Relationship Status", it might have possible options like "Single" and "Married". You could create a conditional profile question labeled "Anniversary Date" that only appears when the "Married" option is selected.
  • Keyword-enabled Questions
    You can choose to make a profile question keyword-enabled. This means that your members can enter in several answers to your question on one text field by separating them with commas. Each keyword will be linked to individually on their profile which allows viewers to click them and find out which other members have entered the same keywords.
  • Personal Photos (avatars)
    Members can easily upload a photo when joining or editing their profile to be used as their avatar. This is displayed on their profile, in search results, when they send a message, when they post something in the feed, and wherever else they have a presence in your community.
  • Profile Privacy Options
    You can allow members to select from several privacy levels when managing their profile. This limits who can view and write comments on their profile.
  • Profile Posts
    You can allow members to post comments on each other's profiles. The receiving user chooses who can post comments on their profile and has the ability to delete unwanted content when they wish.
  • Custom profile layouts
    If allowed, members can pick from various profile themes or even insert their own custom CSS styles to give their profiles a more personalized look.
Network Structure

SocialEngine gives you lots of options for deciding how people will join, interact, and use your community.

  • Networks

    Create networks to organize your members based on profile information they have in common.

    • Networks can be universities, organizations, workplaces, countries, cities, age groups...essentially anything you want. By default, member's network associations are shown on their profile.
    • The main activity feed can be set to only show items from member's peers in their networks.
    • Networks can be used to keep groups of members and their content separate from one another.
  • Two-way Friendships & One-way Followers

    You decide if your community will have "two-way friendships", or a "one-way followers" setup.

    With two-way friendships, members that are friends appear on both of their friend lists, which is the standard for most popular social communities (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn).

    With one-way followers, members can choose to "follow" other members (i.e. Twitter, Livejournal).

  • Verified or Unverified Friendships
    You can choose whether or not friendships must be verified by the recipient of the friendship request.
  • Custom Privacy Levels

    You decide exactly what privacy options your members will have. This can be set on a per-plugin basis.

    For example, if you want to ensure that your member's photos are publicly viewable, but their blogs can be made private, you can assign different settings for each.

  • Join by Member Invitation
    If you want to make your community more private, or have a promotional invite-only "beta", you can choose to allow new members by invitation only.
  • Join by Admin Invitation
    This option can be enabled if you want to build a very private social network in which only you can invite new members.
  • Customizable Signup Process

    Your members join by completing a brief step-by-step signup form. You can rearrange the steps in this process and configure each one.

    Some third-party plugins also insert additional steps into the signup process, which is useful if you want to accept payments from new members, show disclaimers and agreements, and more.

  • Email Message Templates
    Various notification emails are sent to your members as they interact with your community. You can customize the content of these emails (and even provide multilingual translations).

Displaying advertisements is an excellent way to monetize your social network. SocialEngine lets you show ads anywhere on your site.

  • Ad campaign manager
    • You can determine exactly where your ads will appear, how long they will be displayed, and who they will be shown to.
    • Show ads to users based on their interests or personal characteristics by creating campaigns for specific member levels and networks.
  • Google Adsense compatible
    Create campaigns with your own banners or use Google Adsense code (or any other advertising network's code).
  • Drag-and-drop advertisement blocks
    Easily drop advertisements into your site design using the site designer.
  • Performance monitors and safeguards
    Set CTR (click-through-rate) limits to automatically pause ineffective campaigns.
  • Advanced targeting and filtering capabilities
    You can optionally set individual ad campaigns to display only to specific member levels, profile types, or networks. This is useful if you want to turn off ads for premium members, or if you want to show targeted ads to specific groups of members.

Photo Albums Plugin

Members can populate feeds with images, connect via photo tagging, and share whole albums to create a visually engaging community. These days, a picture is worth a thousand likes.


Rapid File Uploads

Our real-time progress bar keeps members updated so they’re not left waiting. Entire albums post in just a few clicks.

Photo Tagging

Enable member tagging to create albums rich with comments and mentions, making your community the photo sharing home of the last event, vacation, or shoot.

Privacy Options

Decide what privacy options are available when members upload photos. Everyone? Friends only? You decide.

Easy Browsing

Sort by categories, most recent and most popular, or use keyword searches. Efficient browsing with immediate results.

Photo Sharing

Posts support photo attachments for fresh and diverse content sharing. Members choose what to share and how to share it.

Profile Page Photos

Profile visitors can browse through photo albums to connect and comment. Albums display a visual history of each member’s experiences.

Blogs Plugin

Give every member a voice with their own personal blog. In addition to encouraging content generation and personal expression, blogs improve the search engine visibility of your community.

WYSIWYG Entry Composer

Using an interface similar to MS Word, members can easily compose blog entries. Members have direct access to the HTML source as well for hands-on editing.

Privacy Options

Members control the privacy of every post to determine who can view and who can comment on their blog entries.

Share Videos and Photos

Posts are not limited to text. Members can enrich blog entries with photos and videos for more dynamic experiences.

Categories and Tags

When writing blog entries, members can publish to categories and tag posts with keywords. As the admin, you can create unique, community relevant categories for your members.

Control Access

Leave blog access open to everyone, or limit postings to community leaders or members of your choosing.

Custom Blog Styles

Members may personalize blogs with their own visual twist using custom CSS styles.