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The high-performance MySQL database on the cloud

Deliver faster applications on the first relational database service built on OpenStack

How we price Cloud Databases

Each Cloud Database instance is billed by the hour and is capable of running multiple individual databases. 

Every account includes our Infrastructure Service Level. 

We provide the hardware, data center, and Internet connectivity, help you architect your environment.

512 MB
  • 2 Logical Cores
  • CPU Weight: 0.5
  • I/O Priority: 1
  • Network: 20 Mbit
  • TPS: 81*

1 GB
  • 2 Logical Cores
  • CPU Weight: 1
  • I/O Priority: 2
  • Network: 40 Mbit
  • TPS: 236*

2 GB
  • 3 Logical Cores
  • CPU Weight: 2
  • I/O Priority: 3
  • Network: 80 Mbit
  • TPS: 351*

4 GB
  • 6 Logical Cores
  • CPU Weight: 4
  • I/O Priority: 4
  • Network: 160 Mbit
  • TPS: 708*

8 GB
  • 7 Logical Cores
  • CPU Weight: 8
  • I/O Priority: 5
  • Network: 320 Mbit
  • TPS: 1271*

16 GB
  • 12 Logical Cores
  • CPU Weight: 16
  • I/O Priority: 6
  • Network: 640 Mbit
  • TPS: 2040*

  • Storage Price: $3.75ยข/GB/month
  • CPU Weight: Higher is better, with the instance receiving more time on the CPU on the basis of its weight under high load.
  • I/O Priority: Higher is better, with the instance receiving more time to access storage devices under high load.
  • Network: Guaranteed network throughput allocation.
  • TPS (Transactions per second): Benchmark (May 2013) in transactions per second with 50 MySQL threads.

Deliver faster applications

We built the Cloud Databases architecture to deliver high and consistent performance, with container-based virtualization instead of traditional hardware virtualization, high-performance SAN storage, and a high-capacity network.

Deliver faster applications
Add more value to your team

Add more value to your team

Easily provision your database via an API or the Control Panel, and save time through automation of time-consuming tasks such as deployment, configuration, and patching. You can also easily scale your database for bigger or smaller memory sizes.

Protect your data

Deliver more reliable applications and minimize data loss. Our service includes redundant storage to protect your data against hardware failures.

Protect your data
Count on us for Fanatical Support

Count on us 

Our award-winning support comes with your account. When you add a Manage Cloud Service Level, we'll also help you move your databases and tables, create users, back up or restore your database, and make basic optimizations.